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Charter Accountancy is one of the respectable and challenging career. It is a best option for higher education in India. It deals with the financial management and carries out the financial audit. There is lots of evergreen demands for this course in India. CA Course is conducted by ICAI ( Institute of Charter Accountants of …

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CA Inter (New Syllabus) | Paper 5 | Advanced Accounting | Question Paper Solution

Question No. 1 is compulsory. Attempt any four out of remaining five questions. Working notes should form part of your answer. 1. (a) (i) AP Ltd., a construction contractor, undertakes the construction of commercial complex for Kay Ltd. AP Ltd. submitted separate proposals for each of 3 units of commercial complex. A single agreement is …

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CMA Final CFR Syllabus

Dear Students, first of all thanx for showing interest in our courses. We provide the most updated, authentic and penetrative course tutorials aided up with equally strong and potent study material. We on our part shall say only that we shall leave no stone unturned in giving u the best. We take Great pride in …

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Planning Environment in Financial Management

Involves Analyzing the Financial flows of a company Fore costing consequences of various investment Financial and divided Decision weighting (measure) the effects of various alternatives The aim of financial planning should full fill the needs of company Functions of Financial Management Determine the Financial needs Determining sources f funds Financial Analysis– The financial management is …

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