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CMA Final Group 3 (New Syllabus 2022)

CMA Final New syllabus 2022

Trying hard to study but not getting what you want? Don't be afraid. You'll pass with flying colours with the updated CMA Final New syllabus 2022 from CD Classes.

As of the most recent ICMAI syllabus, the course outline for the CMA final group 3 course is available. These video classes on the course schedule will help you get a clear picture of what you must do to prepare. You can buy these video classes and learn how to get good grades. The lesson plans that our experts give us are very detailed, well-thought-out, and well-prepared.

Our experts made the whole CMA final group 3 course syllabus in a way that helps the student structure their studies and pay attention to both theoretical and practical subjects simultaneously. The course also has detailed video classes that can be watched repeatedly to understand the ideas. Also, the past papers for the CMA final group 3 are one of the essential parts of the course. Solving the old papers will help you figure out how to do it and understand how the test is set up.



Corporate Laws and Compliance

There are different kinds of business groups in the world today. "Company" is one type of group that is in the spotlight right now. In the past, the word "Company" was called "Joint Stock Company." In 1850, the first law was passed by the government. After many discussions, a new system called the Companies Act of 2013 was implemented to help companies become more competitive globally.


Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Management and Financial Management may both be parts of SFM. This paper helps you learn how to use financial management theories and methods when making strategic decisions.


Decision-Making in Strategic Cost Management

Professionals are expected to tell businesses how to keep costs low, make better use of resources, bring in more money, analyse operations, and suggest structural changes that will help the company grow.


Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

Taxes bring in most of the money for the government. Taxes are a way for people to contribute to the good of society. The government uses tax money to pay for different projects, activities, facilities, and another spending. Tax laws have been around since the time of Kautilya. A portion of the profit had to go to the King, which we call "tax" in the modern world. Later, the British also took money from people's wages.

Corporate Financial Reporting

Accounting is how financial information about a business is shared with those who have a stake in it. The financials will be made according to Accounting Standards, which are the same as IFRS. This ensures that the financial statement is correct and gives enough information, which helps with decisions about financing and investments.


Indirect Tax Laws and Practice: 

Taxes are the best way for the government to make money. Taxes are a way for people to contribute to the good of society. The government uses tax money to pay for different projects, activities, facilities, and another spending.


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