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CMA Final Group 4 subjects 2022 course

CA / By PARUL | 2023-01-19

The CMA Final Group 4 subjects 2022 course comprises four papers that can be taken alone or in tandem with the other four papers that make up Group 3, depending on the student's inclination and level of preparation. Group 4 of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Final Exam is given twice a year, in June and December.


The four topics/papers that make up the CMA final group 4 syllabus are Corporate Financial Reporting; Indirect Tax Laws and Practice; Cost and Management Audit; and Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation. Explore all the CMA Final Study Material, Revision Test Papers, Mock Papers, and Practice Papers, and finish all the questions. Focus on improving your performance in weaker subjects by devoting more time and energy to them.

A candidate must score at least 40% on each section of the CMA test and 50% overall to pass. Suppose a candidate does not meet the requirements and is declared failed in any group but meets the criteria in any one paper and receives a passing grade. In that case, the candidate will not have to retake that paper and receive a passing grade of 50 out of 100 in the subsequent examination.


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Here are some reasons to take CMA Final Group 4 subjects 2022 course:


Spend Less Time and Have More Fun While

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Why CD Classes

If a student has passed all four papers in CMA final according to the above passing criteria, he is eligible to take CMA last group 3 in his next attempt. He can be called a Qualified Cost Accountant if he has passed both groups. CD Classes will help the students to pass the exam.