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CMA Final Group 3 (Syllabus 2016)

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Trying to study hard but not getting the desired results? Do not worry. With the cdclasses updated CMA final course syllabus, you will surely pass with flying colours.

CMA final group 3 course syllabus available as per the latest ICMAI syllabus. The course syllabus includes CMA final group 3 lectures that will help you in giving a detailed view of what exactly you should prepare. Buy online CMA final group 3 courses and crack the tricks and tactics to get high marks. The syllabus provided by our experts is fully detailed, properly planned and well thought of.

Our experts have designed the entire CMA final group 3 course syllabus in a manner that helps the individual to structure their study and focus on both theory and practical subjects at the same time. The course also includes detailed video classes, that one can watch repeatedly to clear the concepts. Moreover, one of the major things included in the course are the past papers for the CMA final group 3. Solving the past papers will help you in getting an idea as to how to go about it and understand the paper pattern.

Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA)


Cost and management Accountancy (CMA) provides you an in-depth Knowledge to manage business with the available resources. CMA Course is conducted by Institute of Cost & management Accountants of India (ICMAI).

Cost accountants have to collect and analyze the financial information from all the areas of a company. Cost Accountants are one of the most vital functionaries of entire financial world. Cost Accounting is a management accounting. It is specialized area of expertise concern with analyzing the cost of products, manufactured or sold by the company.

There are 3 stage in CMA Course.

  3. FINAL


  • Student are eligible to seek admission to the foundation course after qualification class 10th, but the students will be eligible for CMA Foundation exam only after qualifying class 12th.
  • Students who have passed the foundation exam conducted by ICAI and ICSI and students who have any graduate degree will be exempted from foundation Course.
  • After completion of Foundation level, students will be eligible to move on to Intermediate level.
  • After completing any group of intermediate level, students have to undergo 3 years practical training.After completing this, students can appear for Final exam.

Scope for practicing cost Accountants

CMA provide services, in investment planning, profit planning, project management and overall managerial decision making process. Many members of the Institute are holding top management position which is chairman, CEO/ CFO, managing director, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Cost Controller, Marketing Manager, Chief internal auditor etc.

Basic Duties Of CMA

  • Maintenance of Cost records and cost audit.
  • Stock, Concurrent and due diligence audit of various Banks.
  • Tax consultancy
  • Project management consultancy
  • Financial services
  • Adviser to an issue.

Why you should choose Pendrive Classes?


There are several things we can do by applying technology that we couldn’t do it in classrooms.In classroom, students have to sit for 3 hr lectures but in pendrive classes, students have the option of pause, rewind, and speed up which enables the flexible style of learning. Students can attend a course at anytime from anywhere.Students doing article-ship can also attend classes no matter what their work schedule might be.It saves the travelling time. and provide unlimited views.

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General Instruction

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