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CMA Inter Group 1 (New Syllabus 2022)

CMA Inter new syllabus 2022 Video Classes

The second step toward becoming a "Certified Management Accountant" is CMA Inter. At this stage, costing is given more attention because it is essential to being a cost and management accountant. CD Classes's CMA Online Classes for Inter level can help you become a reasonable cost and management accountant.

Our online CMA Inter classes and video lectures are based on the CMA Inter new syllabus 2022 provided by ICMA. Our course package includes updated lectures, video lectures that you can watch as many times as you want, a test series, hard copies of study materials, and a way to get help with questions through WhatsApp, email, and phone calls (through Google Drive Link).

When can a student apply for CMA Inter?

1. Passed 10+2 and the CMA Foundation course or received a bachelor's degree in a field other than fine arts.

2. Passed the ICSI/ICAI Foundation level.

Exams for CMA Inter are held twice a year, in June and December.




Accounting has been called the "Universal Language of Business." It is the way that a business tells its stakeholders about its financial information. The accounting process ends with the financial statements, which are made by following the accounting concepts, principles, and procedures.

Laws and Ethics

The second paper of this course, "Laws and Ethics," teaches you about different commercial, corporate, and industrial laws. It also gives you an introduction to the basics of ethics.

Direct Taxation

Taxes bring in most of the money for the government. Taxes are a way for people to contribute to the good of society. The government uses tax money to pay for different projects, activities, facilities, and another spending.

Cost Accounting

The prices of two similar products from different industries can often vary. This price difference is caused by things like the way and rate of depreciation, the cost of labour, rent, the price and efficiency of plant and machinery, etc., which directly affect the product's price.

Operation Management and Strategic Management

Operation refers to an organisation's primary business activity, such as making goods or providing services. An organisation works in a risky and uncertain environment caused by many forces, such as economic, legal, technological, social, political, and global. For an organisation to be successful, it needs to have good operational management.

Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Management

Accounting for Cost and Management and Accounting for Financial Management have been put into three groups: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Cost Accounting. Cost accountants should know about all three of these categories. Cost is a way to determine how many resources were used to make something or provide a service.

Indirect Taxes

Taxes bring in most of the money for the government. Taxes are a way for people to contribute to the good of society. The government uses tax money to pay for different projects, activities, facilities, and another spending. At this level, this subject covers GST and Customs in detail.

Why CD Classes?

If you sign up for an CD Classes subscription, you can get access to the entire CMA Intermediate Online Classes syllabus. Once you sign up for the platform, there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Most CMA Intermediate Online Coaching options lock you into a price per subject or paper. At CD Classes, you can watch our CMA Intermediate Video lessons taught by experts as often as possible. Our online learning platform is based on high-quality videos and uses easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology. The best faculty teach all of the topics.

The expert faculty behind Video Classes on CD Classes used a well-organized education process and the most up-to-date, student-friendly teaching methods to make them. The lectures are filmed in studios with professional equipment that is up to date.

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