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CS Professional Module 1 (New Syllabus 2022)

CS Professional new syllabus 2022 Video Classes

Many people want to be CS Professional, but it takes work. The course requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But why worry when CS Video Classes are here? Buy Online CS Professional Courses, which is the course that will help you become a CS. The class has been made just for you. The CS Professional Online Courses by CS Video Classes give you access to online lectures, CS Professional Pendrive Classes, and, most importantly, CS Professional Video Lectures.

The video lectures are helpful. You can watch the video lecture if you need to catch up or if a specific idea is giving you trouble. This will help you understand the idea better, so you don't have to worry about anything.

The CS Professional new syllabus 2022 is one of the safest ways to reach your goal. The course gives you old tests so you can get a good idea of how the test will be set up before you take it. This will provide you with more confidence.

The following papers of CS Professional are covered in our CS Professional Video Lectures:

CS Professional Paper 1: Advanced Company Law and Practice

CS Professional Paper 2: Restructuring, valuing, and going out of business

CS Professional Paper 3: Financial Treasury and Foreign Exchange Management

CS Professional Paper 4: Advanced Tax Laws and Practices

CS Professional Paper 5: Writing, Look and Arguing


What will you get if you buy this CS Professional classes online & Video lectures?


  • The best CS professional online classes explain each idea in a way that is both easy to understand and deep.
  • Many worked-out examples are given in the CS professional video lectures, so you can understand how to use the ideas in your exam.
  • Videos will be given on a Pendrive, DVD, or online, depending on your need.
  • A reference book will be given, and a hard copy will be sent to you if you order the course.
  • The faculty will answer all questions in CS Foundation.
  • Full help from teachers through Chat, Email, WhatsApp, and the phone.


Why should a student choose CS Video Classes to get ready for CS Professional?

Clearing the CS professional or CS final is the last step to becoming a Company Secretary, which is your dream job. Now you're ready to be a company secretary, an in-house legal expert, a compliance officer, a corporate advisor, an expert in corporate laws, a corporate planner, and many other jobs. You are ready to take a company public, get it listed, and manage its securities. You will do mergers and accusations, and you will also stop people from trading on inside information.

Isn't this a lot of fun?

But to get to this point in your life, you need a trustworthy coach and trainer to ensure that your steps lead you in the right direction. Here's where the CS Video Classes comes in. They'll hold your hand until you're officially named a Company Secretary.


What's different about us?

CS Video Classes's online CS Professional Classes teach in a way that makes sure students fully understand the concepts and are ready for the finals. There are a few things that make this difference for you:

  • The best and most experienced teachers ensure that the study materials and videos we give you are the best they can be. This will help you understand your subject better than the study materials you get from anywhere else.
  • CS Video Classes allows students to take CS Professional course training online or in person. You can accept our online classes if you have a good internet connection. If you don't have a good internet connection at home, you can take our CS Final video classes on a flash drive or a memory card for your phone. You can even study on the go if you take our courses on your phone.

CS Video Classes's online Video lessons taught by experts for CS professionals are the best choice for working professionals who are too busy to attend face-to-face classes. These classes can be taken on any device, anywhere, at any time.

About Video Classes

General Instruction

  1. Videos of courses will be provided with password protection form.
  2. Password will be issued after payment of fees.
  3. Such password will play videos only in one windows laptop/computer.
  4. Validity will be provided as per the plan.
  5. Students can watch videos within validity period for any number of time.
  6. Students can ask any kind of doubt on mail/whatsapp number or call -directly from faculty.
  7. There is no need of internet at the time of playing videos.
  1. Videos Classes can be Purchased in Pen-Drive (Played Offline) or through Download Link.
  2. Complete Class Note / Book will be given in Printed form / Hard Copy.
  3. Class notes of video lectures will be provided through courier. We will also send courier receipt for tracking of book.
  4. We accept all Debit Card / Credit Card / Wallets / Net Banking / Bank Transfer / any other mode of payment.
  5. EMI facility is also available by banks at the time of Checkout.