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Everything to know about Module 2: CS Professional subjects:


Everything to know about Module 2: CS Professional subjects:

How to Clear Module 2 of CS Professional

In each module, the CS Technical level is bifurcated into three modules with three articles. Twice a year, the ICSI conducts the CS exams and the registered student can appear in the exams for all modules in a single attempt or register for different attempts for each module. To obtain high marks, it is always recommended that the applicant concentrates on a single module at a time. This article discusses some topic-wise tips and techniques for clearing the papers for the CS Professional Module 2 Course. Please note that the latest syllabus is being considered for training here. For details on clearing the first module of this level, you can refer to the previous article on clear CS Professional-Module 1.

General cleaning tips for CS Technical Module 2

The Dos:

  • Prep well and plan a study schedule that includes enough buffer time so that whatever might come, you can stick to the schedule.
  • Allocate time to cover two topics per day if you are a full-time aspirant, preferably one theory-based paper and another practical-based one.
  • While preparing, make your notes as this will assist you during revision.
  • Cover the course materials supplied by the institute only then pass on to other sources.
  • With current affairs, you must be well educated and it is essential to follow the standard newspaper of everyone.
  • Since all the papers are descriptive in Technical Program-Module 2, a reasonable amount of writing practice is significant.

The Don’ts

  • To the end of your training, never delay writing practice. Allocate enough hours for writing responses every week. It is equally necessary to get them self-evaluated or by an individual who has cleared the exam or a faculty teaching the subject.
  • Do not selectively train yourself. It is necessary to go through each topic in the module. You can avail of CS Professional Module 2 Video Lectures for your benefits.
  • Don’t avoid hobbies for leisure-time. As effective stress busters, engage in some physical activity and keep you fit during the planning.
  • Don’t get carried away by the misconceptions that this test is incredibly difficult to clear up. Some individuals were successful in the very first attempt as well.

How to clear the Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence of CS Prof Paper 4

This paper focuses on teaching compliance management expertise, internal control mechanisms, multiple search and status reports, audits and due diligence in multiple organizations.

Compliance control for 40 marks and Secretarial Examination & Due Diligence covering 60 marks of the document was split into two sections of the report. You can buy Online CS Professional Module 2 Courses.

The syllabus is relatively long and requires a well-planned timetable to finish it.

CS Prof Paper 5: Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding-up Tips for Clearing

Corporate Restructuring (CR), which is 50 marks, and the other is Insolvency and liquidation for another 50 marks. This paper is split into two sections.

In the syllabus, the Organizational Restructuring section consists of 13 chapters and the second section consists of 12 chapters.

As far as this paper is concerned, knowing the concepts is critical.

Paper 6: Business Conflicts, Non-Compliances & Solutions Resolution

With only ten chapters in the syllabus, the subject is one of the briefest.

The paper aims to familiarise the student with appropriate knowledge of the different forms of corporate conflicts and non-compliance with different laws and their management and resolution.


Q-1 In CS Expert, how many modules are there?

Answer: In CS Technical examinations