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Exam Tips for Clearing CA Final – Strategic Financial Management

CA / By PARUL | 2021-11-27

CA Final Examination:

For the ones who are preparing for the CA final examination, this Is the one last leg to become a chartered accountant. While studying for the CA Final Strategic Financial Management paper, it is vital to know that this subject is primarily designed to gain hard-core conceptual clarity and make the test taker well versed with taking strategic decisions.

Some of the value-added tips from the CD Classes to clear the CA Final Strategic Financial Management:

  • When it comes to CA final papers, there is no privilege to be selective. In case of strategic financial management it is advised to not skip. 

  • Strategic financial management is loaded with concepts; hence it Is very important to focus on the concepts. Strategic financial management CA final video classes, focuses on core concept clear. 

  •  The CA final strategic financial management study material will be extensive and detailed, covering all the topics. 

  • It is important to segregate chapters into further topics and sub-topics. This helps in planning further, practice 2-3 question types from each topic. If you follow this trend, then you will be in a good position. 

  • Here are some of the important topics:

Derivatives Analysis and Valuation
Security Valuation
Portfolio Management
Foreign exchange exposure
Risk management
Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring


  • Try and finish portfolio management & derivatives and FOREX first. These are some of the very important topics. Make sure to cover these topics first.

  • Few chapters are interrelated; hence you can study and revise these topics together. This eventually helps in saving time and also gaining better experience. Here we have paired a few chapters:

    Equity and Merger & acquisition
    Portfolio management and Mutual Funds
    Forex and Derivatives


  • Make sure to read the concept of derivatives before you start preparing for risk management since many concepts of derivatives are there in risk management. 

  • Make sure to not ignore smaller topics such as Factoring and Money Market Instruments. These are easier topics to prepare and help in fetching extra marks. &