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How to clear Module-2 of CS Executive


How to clear Module-2 of CS Executive

The CS-Executive or intermediary process consists of 2 modules, each module comprising four papers. An applicant who has registered for the Executive Program can, during the same year, attempt both modules of the exam or attempt each module for a single year, either in December of the same year or in June of the following year. This article aims to help the applicant clear Group-2 or the second module of the CS Executive Stage. You can search for CS Executive Module 2 (New) Video Lectures also here for your benefits. 

A: How to clear-corporate accounting and management?

This paper was based on MCQ questions from December 2019, with a negative mark of .25 for any wrong answer. The syllabus is bifurcated into two main parts: Business Accounting, which is 60 of the total marks and Management Accounting and Valuation, which is the remaining 40% of the paper marks, is the other. 

A nominee who has no previous accounting experience would need useful guidance from external sources. This could be either good Accounting classroom training or online video lectures on the subject. 

B: How to Clear Securities Laws & Capital Markets?

The paper will be divided into Securities Rules, which will cover 70 marks and Capital Markets and Intermediaries, which will cover 30 marks. This article is descriptive and thus involves a great deal of writing practice. Never delay the writing of the answer until the end of your planning. There is still a periodic schedule to practice question papers from the previous year. The syllabus consists primarily of the SEBI ‘s attributes, laws and regulations. The second section and then the first part of the syllabus was instructed by those toppers to finish. If you find it challenging to do self-study, seek assistance from individuals who are well versed in the subject. You can buy Online CS Executive Module 2 (New) Courses for other better results. 

C: How to Clear Economic, Company, and Commercial Laws? 

This paper is divided into three parts:

  • Foreign Exchange Management and NBFCs with 40 paper marks.
  • Market Law with 25 marks.
  • Company and Industrial Laws with 35 of the total marks.

Get a lot out of the case studies of India’s Supreme Court and High Courts. Get ready for the model question papers supplied by ICSI. Where appropriate, quote specific examples and parts in your responses as it will help raise your marks. But note that faulty parts can diminish your marks and it is essential to quote them only if you are confident and comprehensive. For the topic, make fair use of online video lectures (and coaching in the classroom).

D: How to Clear Financial and Strategic Management?

From December 2019 onwards, this paper will be of the MCQ-based pattern, with a negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer. The document consists of Financial Management, making 60 paper marks and Strategic Management, making 40 paper marks.


Q1. When writing the CS Executive exams to maximize my score, what are some essential points to remember?

Answer: Here are some essential points to note when writing your tests:

Before labelling the correct choice for MCQ articles, read and evaluate every question carefully at least twice. For subjective articles, make sure that the answer is written to the point and correct. Make sure you keep your consistency throughout and strive to get the full 100 points. It is also advisable to quote specific section numbers correctly if and when applicable.

Q2. Where can I get a CS Executive study plan?

Answer: A study plan helps you coordinate your planning so that, while retaining some time for the revision, you can cover all the topics and practice all the questions. For CS Executive Module 2 (New) Course, you can get a study plan here.