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Pro Tips for Clearing Financial Management

CA / By PARUL | 2021-11-26


Brief About Course

Bachelors of Commerce is a three-year undergraduate course and, in this course, the students are taught a mix of many subjects covering the topics of Finance, Management, Law. Basically, the subjects here are all about commerce and its side legs.

Brief About – Financial Management

Financial Management as a subject holds immense importance and relevance in courses because overall Financial Management is an important aspect of every business. It is useful for anyone who either wants to start his or her own business, or will be an employee of a company as one would need perfect knowledge of financial management.

Financial Management subject revolves around the strategic planning, organizing and directing and lastly controlling of the financial undertakings in an institute or an organization. The subject primarily requires the student to have a thorough clarity of the concepts, as these concepts of management principles are applied in the organization and that plays a crucial part in fiscal management.

Important Topics of Financial Management to Clear in Order to Ace the Exam:

Financial Planning: The process of calculating the capital amount that is required by the organizations and then further deciding on the allocation. Financial includes the following:
- Determining how much capital is required
- Determining the overall capital organization and structure
- Taking over the financial control by determining if the organization is meeting its financial needs.

Tips Given by the CD Classes to Clear the Financial Management Subject:

  • Firstly, it is very important to understand the base of the subject. financial management video lectures offered by CD Classes, is detailed and explains everything about the subject by giving a full overview.

  • Secondly, one should know that the subject is an intense mix of theoretical and practical concepts. Hence, equal importance must be given to both.

  • The students should first start going through the theory and get a hang of it, it is important to understand the concepts and not mug them up, as application will be important. 

  • Post the theory, students should go for practical and proper practice. 

  • Also, it is very important to have a glance at the past papers of the financial management subject. Although the financial management video lectures offered by CD Classes covers all the past papers concepts and questions as well. 

The Online Pen drive classes of Financial Management classes include the following topics and No. of videos:

  • Time Value of Money – 3 Videos