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Pro Tips for CS executive financial and strategic management

CA / By PARUL | 2021-11-27


Brief About Company Secretary (CS):

Company Secretary is a professional course that holds immense value for the individuals specially belonging to the law stream. The primary role of a company secretariat is to be in charge of the legal and statutory compliances for both private sector and public sector companies. A CS is considered to be a bridge between the government bodies and corporations. The CS curriculum is divided into three primary levels:

1. Foundation Programme: Duration 8 months

2. Executive Programme: Duration 9 months

3. Professional Programme: Duration 15 months


About CS Executive Financial and Strategic Management Paper

Financial and Strategic Management have concepts that help the test taker in taking robust decisions in terms of financial management. Some of the examples of such decisions are - 

  • Financial decisions

  • Investment decisions

  • Dividend decisions

To become a CS, it is highly important to have technical and intricate knowledge about Financial Management. One needs to know about a plethora of things such as various financial decisions, securities, financial strategy, valuation, risk management, risk analysis etc. All these help the individual in building logical relationships and also helps them to acquire strategic thinking skills so that these can be applied in the external environment.

The Topics That are Covered CS executive financial and strategic management video lectures:

  • Dividend policy

  • Capital budgeting

  • Security analysis

  • Capital structure 

  • Project finance

  • Strategic management 

  • Strategic implementation and control