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B.Com (H) Delhi University 3rd Year Income Tax Law

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  • Author : Prof Saurabh Bansal

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B. Com (H) Delhi University 3rd Year Income Tax Law

About Income Tax Law Course:

In simple terms, Tax laws are known as the rules and regulations that govern the tax that is owed to the government by the citizens (tax payers). Taxes in the country are levied by both the Central and the State governments. Hence, the Income Tax Laws subject will come to use in the individual's everyday life.

A very known Prof. Saurabh Bansal will be teaching this subject. He is someone with great experience of the subject. For years, he has been teaching tax laws and making students fall in love with the subject. The graduation marks are an important aspect to get admission in the best post-graduation college and we are here to make it good.

The subject aims to test the following understanding of the test-taker:

Knowing the different laws of the Income Tax Act.
Understanding the application of the government's rules, regulations, and procedures for income tax.
Knowing all the slabs and procedures to assess the taxes.
Being aware of the different deductions, rebates and relaxations that one can avail while assessing the tax.
Learning the methods to calculate the Income Tax.

Topics Covered Income Tax Laws:

Introduction of Income Tax - Meaning, features, and contribution to public revenue
Important definition - income, gross total Income, net total Income, previous year, assessment year, agriculture income and exempted Income.
Determination of residential status.
Computation of taxable Income from salary head.
Calculation of Taxable Income from 'House Property' head.
Computation of taxable income from 'Business or Profession' head.
Capital Gains - computation of ‘Capital Gains/Losses’, exemption from capital gains.
Computation of taxable income under the head' Income from other sources'.

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