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B.Com (H) Management Accounting

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Pacakge Name B.Com (H) Management Accounting
No. of Hours of Videos As Given Below
Study Material Printed Book through Courier
Language Hindi
Format Pendrive /Download link /Online (As Per Selection)
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Fast Forward option Yes
Delivery of Product 2-6 Working Days
Amendments provided through (1) Download Link: Google Drive  OR
(2) Watch Link: YouTube Link
Doubts Resolution THREE Level Doubt Clearing
(Level-1) : via e-mail
(Level-2) : via Whatsapp
(Level-3) : via Phone Call
Requirement of Internet  For 1 Second for Login

B. Com (H) Management Accounting About Management Accounting Subject: Management accounting is the process of preparing reports about business operations that help managers make short-term and long-term decisions. The core component in Management Accounting is the techniques used in the 'Decision Making Process' for any business. The subject teaches the ways to analyse the situation which will benefit the company in the long run. There is a vast scope to use the subject's technicalities to be used in real-world scenarios. CMA Chander Dhureja teaches the Management Accounting Subject. No doubt that the Management Accounting subject is exceptionally challenging but our faculty teaches the subject in a most simplified way that is easily understandable. The subject aims to test the following understanding of the test-taker: Ability to record and crunch numbers eventually help manage the company's following aspects – Investments, budgeting, risk management, strategizing, planning, decision making, etc. Have an aptitude for the numbers that helps in evaluating the business processes. Accounting skills. Techniques and methods that help the company to grow exponentially. Topics Covered in Management Accounting & Number of Videos: Marginal Costing: 7 Videos Decision Making in Marginal Costing: 3 Videos Budgetary Cost and Control: 7 Videos Standard Costing: 7 Videos Activity Based Costing: 2 Videos Throughput Accounting: 1 Video Why take Pen Drive video Classes from CD Classes? Our Pen Drive video classes are one of the best in the country due to the following reasons: Up-to-Date Syllabus: Our study material for (H) is at par with the current guidelines. Moreover, the past question papers are also kept in mind while preparing the curriculum. Teaching Faculty: The faculty teaching the (H) subjects is highly professional and have both extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching challenging subjects. Previous Results: The past results and records for our students were excellent. Most of the students who took our Pen Drive video classes have cleared the paper in one go. Moreover, our overall feedback is outstanding. Brief About Course Bachelors of Commerce is a three-year undergraduate course and, in this course, the students are taught a mix of many subjects covering the topics of Finance, Management, Law. Basically, the subjects here are all about commerce and its side legs. Brief About Management Accounting Pen Drive classes Management Accounting is one of the most important subjects in the course. Management accounting is the process of preparing the detailed reports about the different business operations that help in making short-term and long-term decisions. With the help of the management principles, it can help in business perusing the goals by the process of identifying, analysing, measuring, interpreting and communicating information. B. Com management accounting video lectures, make sure to cover all the topics in detail. The core concepts of Management Accounting are used in real life industry scenarios such as: Helping in Forecasting of the Future: Through forecasting, individuals are required to make important decisions about whether the company should invest in a particular scheme or equipment, diversification of the company into various other sectors etc. Forecasting of Cash Flows: For any business analyzing the cash flows and estimating it, is really important. Management accounting involves the creation of the budgets and the charts that are used to decide on the allocation of the money and the resources, to drive overall growth.    Tips Given by the CD Classes to Clear the Management Accounting Subject:

  • Firstly, it is very important to understand the base of the subject. Management Accounting video lectures offered by CD Classes is detailed and explains everything about the subject by giving a full overview.
  • Secondly, one should know that the subject is an intense mix of theoretical and practical concepts. Hence, equal importance must be given to both.
  • The students should first start going through the theory and get a hang of it, it is important to understand the concepts and not mug them up, as application will be important. 
  • Post the theory, students should go for practical and proper practice. 
  • Also, it is very important to have a glance at the past papers of the financial management subject. Although the Management Accounting video lectures offered by CD Classes covers all the past papers concepts and questions as well.

The Online Pen drive classes of Management Accounting classes include the following topics and No. of videos:

  • Marginal Costing – 7 Videos
  • Decision Making in Marginal Costing – 3 Videos
  • Budgetary Cost and Control – 7 Videos
  • Standard Costing – 7 Videos
  • Activity-Based Costing – 2 Videos
  • Throughput Accounting – 1 Video

Why Choose CD Classes for Management Accounting Pen Drive Classes? CD Classes is a renowned institute providing detailed Management Accounting Pen Drive Classes and online classes, across the country. The curriculum made by the experts is detailed and latest. Each and every topic is covered in detail. The study material is such that it covers a good mix of theoretical and practical questions. The Management Accounting pen drive classes also cover questions from the past papers, to give the students an idea about the paper pattern.

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