CA Inter Group 1 Accounting

CA Inter Group 1 Accounting

CA Inter Group 1 Accounting


Branch Accounts 1
Bonus Issue - 1
AS Intro


New Course
Fully covered as per ICMAI

Faculty Info

Prof. Sanjay Welkins

Prof. Sanjay Welkins has served as Academic Guide of the ICFAI. He has extensive experience of more than 22 years. He is also known as one of the most experienced faculty in India. Prof. have proficiencies in the area of Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards. He taught approx. 40,000+ of students till this date.

Sanjay Welkins sir has been invited by several banks and other financial institutes as a guest speaker and to conduct workshops. He is also the author of several bestselling books on Accounting and related subjects.

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