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No. of Hours of Videos As Given Below
Study Material PDF Notes through Courier
Language Hindi
Format Pendrive /Download link /Online (As Per Selection)
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Video Views – Unlimited
Video WatchTime – 3 Times
e.g. A video is of 1 Hour. You can Play for 3 Hours
You can Play Video in following Parts
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Delivery 2-6 Working Days
Amendments provided through (1) Download Link: Google Drive  OR
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Doubts Resolution THREE Level Doubt Clearing
(Level-1) : via e-mail
(Level-2) : via Whatsapp
(Level-3) : via Phone Call
Requirement of Internet  For 1 Second for Login
Videos Can be Played on  Any One Windows /Android Device

Content Of Videos By Prof Sanjay Welkins

S.No Topic Name Number of Video Topic Length
1 Bonus Issue 7 Video(s) 4 Hours 42 Min
2 Redemption of prefernce shares 11 Video(s) 7 Hours 56 Min
3 Profit prior incorporation 10 Video(s) 5 Hour 10 Min
4 Financial statemnets 12 Video(s) 7 Hours 42 Min
5 Managerial remuneration 2 Video(s) 1 Hours 32 Min
6 Branch accounting 22 Video(s) 16 Hours 44 Min
7 Departmental 4 Video(s) 3 Hours 39 Min
8 Hire purchase 5 Video(s) 4 Hours 23 Min
9 Insurance claim 8 Video(s) 6 Hours 19 Min
10 Partnership 22 Video(s) 14 Hours 42 Min
11 Single entry 2 Video(s) 4 Hours 41 Min
12 Cash Flow statement 5 Video(s) 10 Hours 20 Min
13 Investments 6 Video(s) 14 Hours 21 Min
14 Debentures 4 Video(s) 9 Hours 55 Min
15 Accounting standards 11 Video(s) 21 Hours 15 Min
16 Foreign branches 3 Video(s)
1 Hours 41 Min

CA IPCC Group 1 – Accounting – Paper 1

About Accounting Subject:

The primary objective behind introducing the Accounting subject in the CA IPCC Group 1 syllabus is to help the test-takers get the ability to apply the accounting standards, rules, regulations and legislations to the various financial transactions and events. This is done to prepare the final statements for the businesses.
The Accounting subject is taught by Prof Sanjay Welkins, a renowned faculty member of our institution.
The subject aims to test the following strengths of the student:
Understanding and practicality for preparing as well as presenting presentations for the financial statements.
Application of all the Accounting Standards.
Intricate details of Company Accounts.
Special type of Accounting.
Understanding the dissolution process of the firm.
Accounting used for the special transactions.
Topics Covered & Video Hours:
Bonus Issue – 7 Videos
Redemption of preference shares – 11 Videos
Profit prior incorporation – 10 Videos
Financial statements – 12 Videos
Managerial remuneration – 2 Videos
Branch accounting – 22 Videos
Departmental – 4 Videos
Hire purchase – 5 Videos
Insurance claim – 8 Videos
Partnership – 22 Videos
Single entry – Videos
Cash Flow statement – 5 Videos
Investments – 6 Videos
Debentures – 4 Videos
Accounting standards – 11 Videos
Foreign branches – 3 Videos
Why take Pen Drive video Classes from CD Classes?

Our Pen Drive video classes are one of the best in the country due to the following reasons:

Up-to-Date Syllabus: Our study material for CA is at par with the current guidelines. Moreover, the past question papers are also kept in mind while preparing the curriculum.

Teaching Faculty: The faculty teaching the CA subjects is highly professional and have both extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching challenging subjects.

Previous Results: The past results and records for our students was excellent. Most of the students who took our Pen Drive video classes have cleared the paper in one go. Moreover, our overall feedback is outstanding.

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