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CMA Final Group 3 Strategic Financial Management

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  • Author : CMA Chander Dureja

CMA Final Strategic Financial Management Video Classes by CMA Chander Dureja are exclusive classes for CMA Students which covers Institute Study Material . Subscribed Students can find the subject SFM is very easy and Interesting for any person and get score 80 plus in CMA FInal Group 3 Examination .

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Course Description


No. of Hours of Videos As Given Below for each Chapter
Study Material Printed Book through Courier (In English )- Covers Institute Study Material
Language in Videos  Hindi
Format Pendrive /Download link /Online Mode ( As Per Selection by student )
No. of Views
Video Views - Unlimited
Video WatchTime - 3 Times
e.g. A video is of 1 Hour. You can Play for 3 Hours
You can Play Video in following Parts
2 min
3 min
7 min
10 Min
....... Unlimited views
Total Duration you watched video is  2+3+7+10+.........
Will be counted and that should be less than 3 Watch time  Hours (Because video is of 1 Hour)
Fast Forward option Yes -Videos can be played with 1.25x,1.50x.1.70x Speed
Delivery 2-6 Working Days
Amendments provided through (1) Download Link: Google Drive  OR
(2) Watch Link: YouTube Link
Doubts Resolution THREE Level Doubt Clearing
(Level-1) : via e-mail
(Level-2) : via Whatsapp
(Level-3) : via Phone Call
Requirement of Internet  For 1 Second for Login once a week
Videos Can be Played on  Any One Windows laptop or Computer/Android Phone / iPhone device


S.No Topic Name Number of Video Topic Length
1 Mutual Fund 9 Video(s)  08:41:00
2 Capital Budgeting 16 Video(s)  15:59:00
3 Lease Vs Finance 6 Video(s)  05:59:00
4 Forex (International Finance ) 22 Video(s)  22:00:00
5 Derivative 15 Video(s)  14:48:00
6 MONEY MARKET OPERATION 2 Video(s)  01:50:00
7 BOND VALUATION 4 Video(s)  03:52:00
9 PORTFOLIO 13 Video(s) 17:21:00
10 TIME VALUE OF MONEY 3 Video(s)  03:21:00
11 Introduction of CMA Final SFM Course 1 Video(s)  00:25:00

Final Group 3 – Strategic Financial Management: Paper 14

About Strategic Financial Management Course:

The primary objective behind introducing the Strategic Financial Management course in the CMA Final Group – 3 syllabus is to provide extensive understanding of the financial objectives and goals, management of the financial resources, management of the financial risk with the help of investment portfolios and the financial instruments.

The Strategic Financial Management subject is taught by CMA Chander Dureja, a renowned faculty member of our institution.

The subject aims to test the following strengths of the student:

Evaluating the agent’s role and the instruments in the financial markets.
Interpretation of the financial institution’s relevance.
Analysis of the risk involved to take over effective management.
Advise on the opportunities of the investment.

As per the ICMAI, the Strategic Financial Management paper has four section:

Section – A: Investment Decisions (25%)
Investment Decisions, Project Planning and Control
Evaluation of Risky Proposals for Investment Decisions
Leasing Decisions
Section – B: Financial Markets and Institutions (20%)
Institutions in Financial Markets
Instruments in Financial Markets
Capital Markets
Commodity Exchange
Section – C: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (25%)
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Section – D: Financial Risk Management (30%)
Financial Risks & Management
Financial Derivatives – Instruments for Risk Management
Financial Risk Management in International Operations

Name of the Topics & Number of Videos
Mutual Fund – 9 Videos
Capital Budgeting – 16 Videos
Lease Vs Finance – 6 Videos
Forex (International Finance) – 22 Videos
Derivative – 15 Videos
Money Market Operation – 2 Videos
Bond Valuation – 4 Videos
Interest Rate Derivatives – 4 Videos
Portfolio – 13 Videos
Time Value of Money – 3 Videos
Introduction of CMA Final SFM Course – 1 Video

Why take Pen Drive video Classes from CD Classes?

Our Pen Drive video classes are one of the best in the country due to the following reasons:

Up-to-Date Syllabus: Our study material for CMA is at par with the current CMA Guidelines. Moreover, the past question papers are also kept in mind while preparing the curriculum.

Teaching Faculty: The faculty teaching the CMA subjects is highly professional and have both extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching challenging subjects.

Previous Results: The past results and records for our students was excellent. Most of the students who took our Pen Drive video classes have cleared the paper in one go. Moreover, our overall feedback is outstanding.

Brief About CMA Final Exam: The CMA final exam is the last leg in the process of attaining CMA certification an aspiring CMA is expected to clear all the three levels of CMA to get the much-desired prefix in front of their names. The CMA final has two groups – Group 1 & Group 2. Each group has 4 subjects each. Brief About Strategic Financial Management: Strategic Financial Management in the CMA final paper is a lot about concepts and terminology. This subject has the share of computations with chapters such as project appraisal methods, project cash flow estimation, capital budgeting etc. There is a huge portion of pure theory also involved. Here are the tips stated by the CD Classes experts for strategic financial management syllabus:

    • The strategic financial management subject has many problematic terms; hence our strategic financial management pen drive classes give the definitions so that students can revise it each day. The strategic financial management subject requires an in-depth revision of concepts from every section. 
  • The strategic financial management subject is such that we cannot skip any topic, as everything is important here.  Our financial management video classes cover each topic in detail. 
  • It is essential to memorize different topics such as computation of Internal Rate of Return (IRR), CFAT or Net Cash Inflow after Taxes etc. In our strategic financial management pen drive classes, we provide a formula sheet that acts as a big help to the students.
  The strategic financial management pen drive classes includes the following topics and No. of videos:
  • Mutual Fund – 9 Videos
  • Capital Budgeting – 16 Videos
  • Lease Vs Finance – 6 Videos
  • Forex (International Finance) – 22 Videos
  • Derivative – 15 Videos
  • Money Market Operation – 2 Videos
  • Bond Valuation – 4 Videos
  • Interest Rate Derivatives – 4 Videos
  • Portfolio – 13 Videos
  • Time Value of Money – 3 Videos
  • Introduction of CMA Final SFM Course – 1 Video
The best strategic financial management pen drive classes from CD Classes CD Classes is one of the most renowned CMA institutes in the country. Over the years, due to its extreme quality services, the instate has built a huge name for itself. Strategic Financial Management course is one of the challenging, because it is one of the cores of CMA. Hence, the best of faculty who are themselves industry experts teach this subject in-depth. The course is prepared by keeping in mind the latest industry standards; hence, all topics are covered in detail. The strategic financial management video classes are prepared keeping the basics as well as advanced topics in mind. Each topic is covered right from the basics so that beginners can also understand properly. Moreover, one can watch the videos a number of times as per their own convenience. The past paper topics and questions are covered in every video, and the paper pattern is also explained in depth.


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