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CMA Inter Financial Accounting New Syllabus 2022

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  • Author : Prof. Sanjay Welkins

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Pacakge Name CMA Inter Financial Accounting
No. of Hours of Videos As Given Below
Study Material PDF Notes through Courier
Language Hindi
Format Pendrive /Download link /Online (As Per Selection)
No. of Views
Video Views - Unlimited
Video WatchTime - 3 Times
e.g. A video is of 1 Hour. You can Play for 3 Hours
You can Play Video in following Parts
2 min
3 min
7 min
10 Min
....... Unlimited views
Total Duration you watched video is  2+3+7+10+.........
Will be counted and that should be less than 3 Watch time  Hours (Because video is of 1 Hour)
Fast Forward option Yes -Videos can be played with 1.25x, 1.50x, 1.70x Speed
Delivery 2-6 Working Days
Amendments provided through (1) Download Link: Google Drive  OR
(2) Watch Link: YouTube Link
Doubts Resolution THREE Level Doubt Clearing
(Level-1) : via e-mail
(Level-2) : via Whatsapp
(Level-3) : via Phone Call
Requirement of Internet  For 1 Second for Login
Videos Can be Played on  Any One Windows /Android Device

Content Of Videos By Prof Sanjay Welkins

S.No Topic Name No. of Video Video Hours Approx
1 Branch Accounting 22 16 Hours 44 Min
2 Departmental 4 3 Hours 50 Min
3 Hire Purchase 5 4 Hours 22 Min
4 Royalty 3 2 Hours 10 Min
5 Insurance claim 9 8 Hours 36 Min
6 Joint venture 5 3 Hours 43 Min
7 Bills receivables 6 3 Hours 10 Min
8 Depreciation 6 3 Hours 28 Min
9 Partnership 19 14 Hours 42 Min
10 NPO 5 8 Hours 25 Min
11 Final Accounts 6 3 Hours 17 Min
12 Accounting concepts and conventions 2 54 Min
13 Capital & Revenue Expenditure 1 28 Min
14 Single Entry 4 8 Hours 22 Min
15 Rectification of errors 4 2 Hours 25 Min
16 Foreign branches 3 1 Hours 48 Min

About CMA Course:

CMA (Cost and Management Accounting) is one of the premium courses done by people in the financial sectors. For students who want to make their career in the accounting sector, the CMA course can be the ladder you need to climb. CMA is a certificate program that is designed to train the students for different corporate functions like costing, pricing of goods and services, verification or certification of Cost Records and Taxation, especially in Indirect Taxation.

Financial Accounting is taught by the renowned Prof. Sanjay Welkins, who has years of relevant experience in teaching Financial Accounting. Students can access our Financial Accounting pen drive video lectures offline or online in the most convenient way possible.

Financial Accounting Course Overview:

Financial Accounting as a subject helps to understand the accounting concepts and the different procedures and documents in the entire financial accounting system.

The subject aims to test the student’s following strengths:

Understanding of the entire framework of the accounting system and the accepted principles.
Preparation of the financial statements
Construction of the financial statements for the understanding of the stakeholders.


As per the ICMAI, the sections are divided into four categories, those are:

- Section A: Accounting – Basics (25 Marks)
- Section B: Preparation of Financial Statements (40 Marks)
- Section C: Self Balancing Ledgers, Royalties, Hire Purchase & Instalment System, Branch & Departmental Accounts (20 Marks)
- Section D: Accounting in Computerized Environment and Accounting Standards (15 Marks)

Topics Covered Under Financial Accounting & Number of Videos:

Branch Accounting: 22 Videos
Departmental: 04 Videos
Hire Purchase: 05 Videos
Royalty: 03 Videos
Insurance claim: 09 Videos
Joint venture: 05 Videos
Bills receivables: 06 Videos
Depreciation: 06 Videos
Partnership: 19 Videos
NPO: 05 Videos
Final Accounts: 06 Videos
Accounting concepts and conventions: 02 Videos
Capital & Revenue Expenditure: 01 Videos
Single Entry: 04 Videos
Rectification of errors: 04 Videos
Foreign branches: 03 Videos

Why take Pen Drive video Classes from CD Classes?

Our Pen Drive video classes are one of the best in the country due to the following reasons:

Up-to-Date Syllabus: Our study material for CMA is at par with the current CMA Guidelines. Moreover, the past question papers are also kept in mind while preparing the curriculum.

Teaching Faculty: The faculty teaching the CMA subjects is highly professional and have both extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching challenging subjects.

Previous Results: The past results and records for our students have been excellent. Most of the students who took our Pen Drive video classes to have cleared the paper in one go. Moreover, our overall feedback is outstanding.


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