CS Executive Module-1 Live Classes all subject




Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws ( T / T / S ) 2:00  to  3:30 pm CS PANKAJ KUMAR 10TH NOV 6000
Company Law( M / W / F ) 8:00  to 9:30 am CS SIMRANJIT SINGH 10TH NOV 6000
Setting up of Business Entities and Closure ( T / T / S ) 12:00  to  1:30 pm CS PANKAJ KUMAR &


10TH NOV 6000
Tax Laws ( M / W / F ) 10:00  to 11:30 am CA SACHIN GUPTA 10TH NOV 6000
  TOTAL 24000


CS Executive Module 1 All subjects Combo LIVE

Name of subjects and Faculty name

Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws – Paper 1: CS Pankaj Kumar teaches the subject.
Company Law – Paper 2: CS Simranjit teaches the subject.
Setting up of Business Entities and Closure – Paper 3: CS Pankaj Kumar & CS Simranjeet teach the subject.
Tax Laws – Paper 4 – CA Sachin Gupta teaches the subject.

Name of Topics:

A: Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws:
The different sources of law
Constitution of India
Interpretation of the statues
General Clauses Act, 1897
Administrative laws
Laws of torts
Limitation Act, 1963
Civil Procedure Code, 1908
Indian Penal Code, 1860
Criminal Procedure Code, 1973
Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Special courts, tribunals under companies act & other legislations
Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996
Indian Stamp Act, 1899
Registration Act, 1908: Registration of documents
Right to Information Act, 2005
Information Technology Act, 2000

B: Company Law:

Introduction to Company Law
Shares and Share capital
Members and shareholders
Debt Instruments
Distribution of profits
Corporate Social Responsibility
Accounts, Audit and Auditors
Transparency and Disclosures
Overview of the inter corporate loans, investments, guarantees and security and related party transactions
Register and records
Overview of the corporate organizations
Introduction to MCA21 and filing of XBRL
Global trends and development in Company Law
Board constitution and its powers
Key managerial persons and their remunerations
Board meetings and the committees
General meetings
Virtual meetings
Legal framework that governs the company secretaries
Secretarial standard boards
Mega firms

C: Business Entities and Closure

Choices of Business Organization
Company – Private, Public, One-person company, Producer company, Foreign company – branch office & project office
Charter documents of companies
Alteration of charter documents
Legal status of registered companies
Limited liability partnership
Other forms of business organizations
Institutions not for profit & NGOs
Financial services organization
Joint ventures; special purpose vehicles
Setting up of the business outside India
Conversions of the existing business organizations
Initial registrations and the licenses
Maintenance of the registers and records
Identification of the laws applicable to the different industries and the initial compliances
Intellectual property laws
Compliances under the labour laws
Compliances relating to the environment laws
Dormant company
Insolvency resolution process, liquidation and winding-up

D: Tax Laws

Part – A
Introduction to Direct Tax and basic concepts.
Incomes that do not form a part of the total Income.
Computation of the total income under heads.
Deductions from the gross total income and the relief
Computation of the total income and the tax liabilities of the entities
Classification and the tax incidence
Procedural compliance
Appeals, assessment and revision

Part – B

– Goods and Service Tax

Introduction to Indirect Tax and the basic concepts
Basics of Goods and Service Tax
Concepts of – time, value and place of the taxable supplies
Overview of the computation of GST liability and input tax credit
Procedural compliance under GST
Overview of IGST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax), UTGST (Union Territory Goods and Service Tax) and the compensation of GST to states

Customs Act

Overview of the customs Act
Case laws, case studies and the practical aspects

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