CS Professional Module -3 Labour - Law and Practice

CS Professional Module -3 Labour - Law and Practice

CS Professional Module -3 Labour - Law and Practice


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CS Professional Module -3 Labour - Law and Practice
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Faculty Info

CS Pankaj Kumar

Faculty member at (NIRC-ICSI, BSE Institute, ALDINE), Company Secretary, Chartered SI (CISI- London), MBA (Finance).

CS Pankaj Kumar is one of the most prominent CS Professionals in India. He is revered as one of the most knowledgeable Company Secretary by the CS Professionals and Students alike. He is consulted by some of the top companies in India and has a large following in CS aspiring students. He is in the panel of Academic Expert at ICSI and faculty member of NIRC of ICSI and BSE. He is a global consultant for Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Planning.

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