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Tips to Pass CA Inter Group 2


Tips to Pass CA Inter Group 2


Chartered Accountancy commonly known as CA as regarded as one of the highest paying jobs in the country. It is because the kind of dedication and time goes in preparing for the entire course is mind boggling. Tremendous amount of commitment goes into it for becoming a CA.

In this blog, learn everything about CA Inter. 

How to pass the First Attempt CA IPCC Group 2 Examination?

This is a question that every CA student wants to be answered. The student who has just finished his IPCC Group 1 and is looking forward to becoming a Chartered Accountant soon. Some may be concerned about their efforts, but most would have been used to the nuances and complexities involved in preparing for CA exams. Students must make a two-way approach to any form of success; non-academic or academic. Students should bear in mind the formulas, namely “Patience, Perseverance and Determination,” as the means of the first non-academic method.

Approach- nonacademic

  • Attitude:

Strengthen and sharpen your determination; “at the first attempt, I will clear my Group 2.” “Chartered Accountant, I’ll be one.” Positive thinking often results in positive outcomes. CA IPCC Group 2 Course can definitely help you with that.

  • Goal Setting:

Set your aim, at the first opportunity to clear the exam and concentrate all your physical and mental activities on achieving the goal. ‘Come whatever may, at the first chance, I’ll certainly pass Group 2’. Always have this type of self-confidence.

  • Removal of misunderstandings about CA Exams:

It is not that the CA exams are passed only by the super brilliant. You have to set your mind up and have the right attitude. The CA analysis may be complicated but not so difficult to be impossible. Your ability will come forward to assist you until your mind is released from fear and misunderstandings.

  • Studies Scheduled:

For your research, make a plan. To build confidence, find out the total number of days left for your next test to start. To prepare for group 2, you will have three subjects. Instead of researching all the subjects every day, assign a reasonable number of days for each subject. Map out a day for your research hours. You can find CA IPCC Group 2 Video Lectures helpful for studies. 

  • Preparing carefully:

To this end, the ICAI research materials, a reference book for some good writers to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject and can be systematically studied. You should also seek your seniors’ advice.

  • Revision:

Make a weekly overhaul of everything you read throughout the week.

  • Strategic Analysis:

Research the inter-related subjects along with Advanced Accountancy. For example, Accountancy together with Corporate Law or Income Tax.

  • Scribbles:

Keep the habits of the essential aspects of your theoretical studies scribbling down? Keep away from the phobia of research and keep the mind free from nausea, anxiety and nervousness. Avoid discussion with friends after the paper is over. Otherwise, your mind will be distracted when planning your next paper.

  • Academic methodology and planning:

CA Requires group 2 Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)

Paper 5: Advanced Accounting

Advanced accounting covers AS, Insurance and Banking Company Final Reports, Branch or Departmental Accounts and Relationship Account or Amalgamation Advanced Issues. In various cases, make your conceptions reliable and clearly und